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Weightwatchers.com: Exploring the Web's Importance in the Obesity Battle

ChangeOneDiet.com from Reader's Digest

By Meredith, Guest Contritubor from The Pilates Body

Issues concerning body image pervade modern culture. The discussion of the problems caused by an unrealistic desire to attain an ideal, thin physique, is increasingly more common. Perceptions of body weight differ between men and women. Females of normal weight are more likely to view themselves as too fat, while men of normal weight consider themselves too skinny. Societal influences such as the media, music videos, the fashion industry, magazines, and television shape people’s perceptions of their body size, providing thinner-than-average role models for women. Overweight females feel pressured to lose weight in order to look more like the women they see in the magazines and movies. However, the heavier a woman becomes, the more embarrassed she may be to exercise at gyms and go to group nutritional counseling. With the widespread availability and convenience of the Internet boom, females have access to information in the privacy and comfort of their homes, giving them the chance to succeed in weight loss programs, such as Weight Watchers, within their own time schedule.

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About The Author:
Pilates has been a passion of Meredith for the past seven years, so it seemed almost natural to become certified. Body Arts and Sciences International is known for the best in comprehensive and intensive Pilates teacher-training. Meredith completed her certification in June 2006, and currently runs a studio in the Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles.


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