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The Fastest And Easiest Way To Get A Flatter Tummy


Have you ever noticed that women and men with tight abs always have a certain confidence about them that others with big bellies don't?

In this article I am going to show you a simple way to get your abs in shape. And the best part is that you don't even need to go to the gym for this. all you need is a couch!

You can get that snag look by following the cardinal rule of abdominal training. Do moves that correctly target all the right ab muscles. This means throw out standard crunches, throw out sit ups and throw out all those ab gadgets you got from the shopping channel, they are not only ineffective, they are actually dangerous for you and can cause back injuries! So here is how to perform crunches

Lie on a couch or on a bench that allows your upper back to hang off the bench freely! Place your calves on the top of the couch, with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle, Now Place your hands behind your head;

Then raise your head and shoulders towards your knees. Keep a rounded back and not a straight one. The rounder your back the stronger the contraction of the abs and the faster you will get them toned.

Your movements are in effect like a sit-up motion, but composed of only the very first few inches of the couch.

You must travel only 2-4 inches of the couch and no more - that is all what is needed to get an effective abdominal contraction

Now raise your pelvis and round your back as your curl your torso up to your knees. You should imagine yourself rolling up like a hedgehog (although you cannot really do this). Hold the contraction for 2-3 seconds. After you get a full contraction, you return to the start position except you travel below the couch to get a full stretch and then you repeat the movement!

You should perform as many small repetitions as possible until you cannot contract the abs again! For most people this will come out to 15-26 repetitions.

In summary: To perform the crunch you must lift your shoulders from a pre-stretch position and curl your body forward as if you are trying to touch your ribs with your pelvis. 1. Pause for a second and then lower your shoulders but do not rest at the bottom of the movement and then repeat the movement! 2. Make sure to keep your lower back past the bench or the couch for the pre-stretch.

It is that simple! If you do this simple exercise you will immediately feel a deep burn, that is a sure indication that your abs are being stimulated and if you keep this up and train your abs you will see amazing results super fast!

To see a picture of it , please use this link http://www.how-to-get-six-pack-abs.com/couch-crunches.html

About the Author
Rob Maraby is the author of 25 fitness books , his latest book is the fast abs program- a simple way to get six pack abs in just 4 minutes using nothing but your couch, check it out at http://www.mindnmuscle.com/abs/6-pack-abs-stomach.htm


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        7:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous
    Did you ever think trying to do this on a couch a person may get injured? Maybe falling off the couch or the chushioning of the couch could lead to bouncing which could lead to neck and back problems?

    For a so called expert this is a stupid recommendation. 
        9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous
    I think this is a great way to flatten ur stomach!! This excersize is great for your abdomen expecially when u dont have time to excerize!!! 
        2:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous
    Sure with there was a picture describing this exercise. I think it is the same one I had fantastic luck with 25 years ago and never could remember how to do! 
        4:00 PM, Blogger The Imaginary Diva
    There is a link to a picture of the crunches on the end of the article.

    You know, I agree with you. I recently went to a "back to basics" exercise program and this was an exercise that I used to do a lot of way back when. Before all those ab toys came out. 

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